A engraved snapshot of a King’s country home and gardens

SOLD This has been a wonderful week for finding treasures not usually within my search criteria. Folk record albums, photographs of 1940s thoroughbreds and this, a circa 1700 engraving of the Chateau de Marly and its wondrous gardens, grotto and cascades. I have two similar images but am only offering one for sale now, maybe... Continue Reading →

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This magazine is no Dummy

Well before the Web, before Instagram and Facebook, and all the rest of the instant apps that now inundate you with thousands of pictures daily, there was LIFE. Not an e-zine, but a real dead-tree magazine, LIFE brought the world to its millions of weekly readers, starting in November 1936. It was started by the same... Continue Reading →

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Project Paperclip – the U.S.’ secret project to collect post-World War II German scientists and win the Cold War

SOLD This album is a rare look at post-World War II life in Germany, specifically showing photographs of individuals and places connected with Operation Paperclip, a US government program aimed at bringing German war-time scientists into service for the United States. This beautiful 7.25" x 5.5" Photo-Kino Wegert photo album was a gift to Franz... Continue Reading →

Holiness among the jewels

Sealed in a solid wooden frame, the mother and child are surrounded by bright colored stones, silver thread, golden metal and pearls. They have been there since 1854 and after a layer of dust was removed from the glass, they shine with a special light. As you know if you've read any of our other... Continue Reading →

Seventeen ladies and a man named John

In our ongoing search for interesting bits of human history we can not help but fall over a boxes of post cards fairly often. Pretty pictures, brief cheesy descriptions and a collection of women being bitten on the behind by alligators. Seen it. But in a recent batch, 17 cards that were mailed in 1908... Continue Reading →

Goodbye to the Golden Lady

She was little more than a square of black glass lying on a table. A somewhat interesting frame but what was that dark mess it held? I picked it up and let a high window's light shine through what I now knew was a painting on glass.  But it was much more than that. It... Continue Reading →

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