Goodbye to the Golden Lady

She was little more than a square of black glass lying on a table. A somewhat interesting frame but what was that dark mess it held? I picked it up and let a high window’s light shine through what I now knew was a painting on glass. goldenlady

But it was much more than that. It was beauty itself.

A small tag taped to the rear of the frame told me little. Painting on glass, circa 1840. It had been placed there a long time ago but it is but hearsay to me. Another more modern note was also with the painting.

“The Golden Lady.”

That I can live with for she is golden and most definitely a lady. The style is possibly Romanesque but it also may be a painted copy of what once was a stained glass window in a European chapel. It also may have been part of a stained glass window. I have no idea. Byzantine icons were painted on glass but it does not appear to have that much age.

So for now, I know that when people see her they love her. She has a quiet elegance, cool clothes and jewels, and is very, very interesting.

I have listed her on Ebay but will not be sad if she decides to stay right here. Maybe someday she will shed some light on where she comes from but for now, the light she shares is plenty for me.

See below for more pictures.


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