Holiness among the jewels

20160405_141859Sealed in a solid wooden frame, the mother and child are surrounded by bright colored stones, silver thread, golden metal and pearls. They have been there since 1854 and after a layer of dust was removed from the glass, they shine with a special light.

As you know if you’ve read any of our other posts, we are constantly looking for those things that are just a bit different. Our Lady and Child, found in Pennsylvania, are the perfect candidate for our moveable collection.

Without removing the item from the frame we can not be sure 20160405_141954 (1)exactly whether the colored pieces are glass or gemstones. Whatever they are, they provide an appropriate canvas to the two figures mounted inside. The child holds a book and they are both crowned in extraordinary headpieces constructed of different material.

We will be offering this item for sale after the proper amount of research and investigation so if anyone has information regarding the possible background of this treasure, please let us know at popsbooks@gmail.com

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