Your family’s photo album

Every day, in all parts of the country, auctions are being held at which little bits of family history are sold to strangers. In just the past few weeks, we have purchased the writing tablet of a 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy who was both the son and grandson of two of that state's governors; ephemera collected... Continue Reading →


Seeing the sites with Howard, Clara, Mother and Aunt Clara

Howard and Clara are, or to be more accurate, were, native Philadelphians. He was a clerk and she watched over the home front for many years. And they loved to take road trips. I never met them in person but I do have some of their memories. A few weeks ago, I came across two... Continue Reading →

Claudette Colbert’s favorite flavor

Thirteen years after Claudette Colbert (Emilie Claudette Chauchoin, 1903-1996), starred in It Happened One Night, with Clark Gable, she took the role of an unenthusiastic farm wife in The Egg and I, with Fred MacMurray. As part of the promotional package for this wacky 1947 film that introduced Ma and Pa Kettle to the world,... Continue Reading →

A quiet face in wax

Who isn't thrilled when an odd piece shows up in a sea of 3rd editions and reproductions? This little gem is one of those. She (I'm saying 'she' because that was my first impression) is a negative impression in hard dark wax. She resembles the cookie molds or springerle of early Bavaria. The only clue... Continue Reading →

5,000 miles and nearly 200 years from Waterloo’s famous battle, Napoleon’s story again comes to life

I found Napoleon beneath Princess Badoura* in a little shop in Portland. Not the actual diminutive emperor obviously, although with his rammy tendencies, the little monarch would probably not have had any objections. No, this particular record of Bonaparte is a magnificent record of his, well, Waterloo. Specifically and technically it is, (taking a breath):... Continue Reading →

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